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Rugged IP65 DC-DC converters for harsh environments

As applications become more demanding in harsh environments with dust, moisture and vibration, it is imperative to protect equipment to IP65 to ensure continual operation of critical appliances in the toughest environments.

At the expo, Alfatronix will showcase the RU ruggedized range of DC-DC voltage converters suitable for 12/24/48V DC electrical systems with power ratings from 36-600W. Whether the user requires an input voltage different from that of the appliance’s electrical system, or stabilization of input voltage or has equipment susceptible to EMC interference and requires an isolated input, there is a voltage conversion product available for the most challenging application.

These products are installed in some of the most sophisticated agricultural, mining and off-road vehicles throughout the world, providing a safe and reliable power source with surface-mount components that are less prone to damage from shock and vibration, as well as being dust and watertight to IP65.

The ruggedized range utilizes innovative Gore-Tex technology, enabling the products to breathe freely without compromising the water and dust ingress protection. This free flow of air ensures the pressure remains equalized inside and outside the unit, allowing it to operate safely within a vast temperature range and at varying altitudes.

This range of industry-leading voltage conversion products is manufactured with short lead times by Alfatronix Ltd in the UK for distribution worldwide.

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