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Threadless technology for air-conditioning, water and oil applications

Burgaflex has introduced threadless technology for air-conditioning, water and oil applications. Designed for lines up to 100 bar, the connection system is easy to push on, which reduces assembly time and simplifies connection in difficult positions. Moreover, there are no damaged threads or wrong torque. The precise machining of the cavity housing and the connection tube in combination with O-ring(s) guarantees a leak-free connection. The retaining ring and positional locking cap ensure a secure connection.

The system can handle operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 150°C, with over 500,000 high-pressure impulse cycles (125 bar) according to ISO 6803 and five million low-pressure impulse cycles (12 bar). Each connection has a unique layout, and Burgaflex can help clients develop and specify the best design.

Burgaflex also offers a new hose for propane coolant (R290) and is developing future hoses for hydrogen technology.

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