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Innovative electric brakes
Regal Rexnord

As the industry embraces electrification, Warner Electric's latest state-of-the-art electric brakes – the PK, CBTB and EDI series – provide unparalleled performance, efficiency and reliability, making them the perfect fit for a new generation of electric construction vehicles. With its compact design, the PK series delivers exceptional torque capabilities with low power consumption. The CBTB series features a superior brake design that offers very high energy dissipation and low wear throughout the life of the vehicle, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. The EDI series boasts a cutting-edge design that enhances energy efficiency while providing reliable emergency stop capabilities.

A proprietary and proven non-stick friction material is integrated into many of Warner’s brake designs to retain stable torque and withstand outdoor environments with high moisture levels and wide temperature differentials.

Together, Warner Electric's products and services represent a leap forward in electric brake technology, seamlessly integrating into modern construction vehicle systems and driving the industry toward a sustainable, high-performance future.

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