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Innovative Dual Lane lidar system

XenomatiX has introduced the Dual Lane lidar system to make 3D pavement measurements easier. The solution was designed to guide road authorities in the decision-making process for roadworks and road maintenance, and help contractors virtually design the roads.

The Dual Lane lidar scans two neighboring lanes in a single pass. While the vehicle or machine drives in one lane, the system simultaneously measures the road surface condition of a double-wide lane up to 7.5m across. All XenoTrack products including the Dual Lane system use an innovative, highly accurate lidar as the main component, offering 3D and intensity maps of the road. Additionally, 2D RGB camera images can complement the 6D Road Survey concept.

Traditional road assessment systems are limited to measuring the width of one lane or part of a lane on each pass. However, the Dual Lane lidar system allows a surveyor or road contractor to save time, resources and budget by measuring two lanes in one go.

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