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Stronger steel
Voestalpine Krems - Stand 2050

Off-highway vehicles need to be able to endure extreme stresses, so Voestalpine is introducing a new cold-formed steel hollow section that combines the strength of hot-formed, seamless hollow sections with the lower cost of cold forming.

Thanks to a micro-alloyed and thermomechanically rolled steel with a high degree of purity (ReH of 355-550MPa), the material resists cracking for longer, even under constant vibrations. This allows for tighter bends in the metal and makes it suitable for a larger variety of applications.

Instead of defaulting to hot-formed hollow sections, customer requirements can often be met by Voestalpine’s Endurance Dynamic material, allowing for cost savings thanks to the less expensive manufacturing process. The new material is available in three versions, with a choice of rectangular and square sections.

Stand: 2050

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