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The best vibration-resistant latching solutions

Operating large vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural equipment can be like fighting a heavyweight boxer. Your machinery must be up to the challenge in front of you, and able to take a crunching blow without going down. At the same time, it needs to withstand mud, snow, ice, salt spray, blistering heat and bitter cold. Not to mention falling debris, sudden jolts and relentless vibrations that can really shake things up and lead to damage.

Industrilas Vector is a family of technically advanced yet stylish latching solutions specifically developed to endure all weather conditions, rough construction sites and bumpy roads. Vector offers smart opening with state-of-the-art central locking options, three generations of compression T-handles, slam-action paddle latches and a complete rotary system, where the actuator handle can be placed in a different location from the latch points. Vector handles are designed with the end user in mind: high-quality touch, easy to operate and supreme tactile feedback.

To keep water and dirt away and make sure opening and closing are always smooth, proper sealing profiles and hinges complement the latches to create a robust and long-lasting solution.

Swedish company Industrilas is a member of the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and has been developing, designing and manufacturing world-class access solutions for the transportation sector for over 40 years. It offers total control over the entire in-house production chain, from design and manufacturing to final surface treatments and assembly.

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