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New multifunctional app for reversible fans

For off-highway equipment working in dusty and dirty applications, Cleanfix reversible fans help prevent problems related to engine overheating and inefficiencies. The reversible blades automatically blow dirt out of the radiator at a configurable time interval to keep it clean during machine operation.

The new Cleanfix control app makes the reversible fan more convenient for the machine operator. With easy connection via Bluetooth, all functions can be used to always ensure full control over the fan, regardless of the operator's position.

An important feature is individual control of cleaning intervals. In this way, operators can react better to their environment. Quick switching between manual and automatic modes is enabled at any time, as is intermediate cleaning. In the automatic mode, the cycle times can be changed easily or paused if necessary.

Another useful feature is function control. Maintenance requirements, high temperatures and defects are indicated by automatic notifications in the app. A manual system check is also possible at any time. In addition, the app simplifies spare-part identification.

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