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Transparent display windshields

At this year’s expo, Lumineq will showcase its transparent display that can be laminated in glass or polycarbonate for the windshields of industrial vehicles, showing critical information to operators and improving operational safety and ergonomics. The display is as clear as glass when not in operation. Switched on, it is 80% transparent, allowing vehicle manufacturers to provide adequate data to operators without compromising visibility. It is a more suitable solution than projected HUD for industrial vehicles for three reasons.

First, it works with any windshield. It doesn't need a specially coated windshield or a specific angle as a projection system does. It works perfectly on completely vertical windshields and in off-road vehicles.

Second, it saves space. The display is part of the windshield and the only space needed from inside the dashboard is the driver board, which takes 0.3 liters of space, 20-30 times less than a projected HUD requires.

Third, it's incredibly robust. The displays are inorganic and solid state. No liquid or organic materials means there is nothing to react to environmental conditions like humidity, solar loads or temperature. It's shock and vibration resistant, works in a wide temperature range (-60°C to +100℃) and features instant-on regardless of ambient temperature.

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