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Gain insight into the development process of an all-new industrial EV

At IVT Expo 2022, Main Engineering will present a 100% electric vehicle that will be launched on the market in May.

The company’s booth will display all the company’s design and engineering services and will also present an overview of the vehicle development process in a conference session. This will cover everything from analysis of the technical requirements to the choices that led to specific solutions to improve the user experience.

Particular attention will be paid to the cab and the role of its design in increasing driving comfort and operator safety. A highlight will be an explanation of design techniques used to develop solutions to relieve the stress of the end user, increase visibility in the cabin, and improve the ergonomics of the seat/driving position, and the reachability and recognizability of the controls.

The result is a vehicle in which engineering and design coexist synergically, in a perfect balance for the safety of all users.

Stand: 2039

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