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Evaluating electrohydraulic power solutions

The off-highway equipment market is undergoing a strong shift to zero-emissions that will continue to accelerate. In the upcoming decades, OEMs will develop more and more emission-free machines. Versions with an internal combustion engine will co-exist with versions without engines, both in the field as well as in machine assembly factories. The split between both propulsion types will vary over time, depending on applications and markets. This evolving market situation requires versatile development strategies for machine manufacturers.

When developing zero-emission off-road equipment, various solutions can be used. The choice of one solution over another one has an impact on the industrial organization, supply chain, aftermarket, purchasing, R&D and finance of machine manufacturers. The decision must take into account various criteria simultaneously. An informed assessment allows the right choices to be made. The Poclain electromobility team offers you an evaluation of the key decision criteria, in light of its long-term market knowledge and technical expertise in power transmissions for mobile machinery.

At the conference, Poclain will detail two different electrification solutions using electrohydraulic technology. This technology consists of electrifying a hydrostatic transmission by combining current time-proven hydraulic components known for their ruggedness together with state-of-the-art power electronics components to achieve the same machine performance levels as the current diesel versions.

The two solutions presented will use different system architectures. The first one is comprised of one single electric motor used for propel function with a closed-loop variable displacement pump and auxiliary function with an open-loop pump. The second solution is comprised of two separate electric motors, one for propel with a closed-loop fixed displacement pump and the other one for auxiliary functions with an open-loop pump.

During the conference, the Poclain electromobility team will cover an informed evaluation of both electrohydraulic architectures. This will provide the key information for attendees to select the right solutions for the electrification strategies of their machine range.

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