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Rationalizing hydraulics
Poclain Hydraulics Industrie - Stand 5075

To make the integration of the many hydraulic components in modern vehicles easier, Poclain is presenting its hydraulics package at Industrial Vehicle Technology Expo. With the different components perfectly tuned into each other, the hydraulics package can fit in a tighter space, while also being easier to service.

The package is composed of a 52cc PM50 axial piston pump with hydraulic servo control and an FD-M3 three-way flow divider that carries out traction control. Together, they take up only 216 x 306 x 322mm (8.5 x 12 x 12.7in).

Apart from the space efficiency and serviceability, flanging the components has a number of other benefits: fewer hoses are needed; assembly time is reduced; the risk of leakage is lower; and there is a smaller pressure drop, which improves performance.

Stand: 5075

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