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Net zero axial flux motor technology
Turntide Technologies

Turntide Technologies, a developer of sustainability technologies, will showcase its Turntide NetZero AXM axial flux motor line, one of the most reliable power- and torque-dense types of motor technologies. This marks the expansion of the Turntide Electrification suite of products, and the first in a series of integrated powertrain products Turntide will introduce in 2023.

Turntide's axial flux motor design, which features a dual stator and single rotor configuration, offers a range of benefits over traditional radial flux motors. These include more compact size, 30-40% greater torque, higher power density and precise control. The motor features a patented composite rotor at its core. The rotor's design makes it among the lightest and least-inertial electric motors available while providing excellent stability with very little audible noise, vibration or cogging torque during operation.

These motors are ideal replacements for radial flux motors in applications such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, hybrid marine vessels, hydraulic pumps, and every place where space and weight are limited and efficiency matters.

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