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Next-generation modular technology platform for HMI and onboard computing

CrossControl will show its next-generation modular technology platform for HMI and onboard computing. Powered by the latest ARM and x86 application processors, its latest displays come in sizes ranging from 3.5in to 14in.

The platform supports the next generation of terminals and a modular HMI concept where information can be moved dynamically, even between different physical screens, to achieve a better user experience that can easily adapt to vehicle tiers and diverse tasks. The company’s showcase will include demonstrations of its open software platform, which features a modular architecture built to meet the needs of industrial machines.

The platform includes embedded software (firmware), Linux board support packages and a full Linux operating system (CC Linux). On top of this layer, CrossControl offers an application platform, toolchains and libraries, Qt support tools and software application modules. Its windowing framework supports individual application management, resizing, placement and licensing. System designers can choose which level of platform support they want to base their solution on. The open platform is brand agnostic, offering interoperability for third-party peripherals and systems like cameras and weighing systems.

To demonstrate an example of this, CrossControl will showcase its open support and lean implementation of AI using its ARM-based iMX8 displays and an Ethernet camera to deliver computer vision with object detection.

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