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Thin ultra-modular batteries
Forsee Power

Forsee Power will display its ZEN 8 Slim ultra-modular batteries at the expo.

With the Paris Agreement’s stated goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, the electrification of transportation is no longer optional. Batteries enable the immediate and effective decarbonization of vehicles, including off-highway ones.

The ZEN 8 Slim is only 128mm high, making it ultra-modular and able to be stacked as required, vertically or horizontally, to fit even the most restricted areas, with no wasted space and optimal integration.

The ZEN 8 Slim is available in 48V or 72V versions and can be adapted to many types of vehicles (construction, agricultural, industrial), whether they are 100% electric or hybrid. Indeed, with their great modularity and versatility, Forsee Power's ZEN 8 Slim batteries offer a multitude of possible combinations, ranging from 48V/8kWh to 800V/760kWh.

Booth: 5002

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