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Machine vision can improve safety in off-highway applications
Ark Vision

Cameras have been an indispensable aid for machine operators for many years, especially on large and obstructed vehicles. They provide insight into blind spots and working areas that are not directly visible, thereby increasing safety around the machine and supporting smooth, efficient work on construction sites or in agricultural areas. However, with the increasing size of the machines and growing number of cameras, drivers are at risk of being overloaded by more camera images per screen or more screens in the cab. But now machine vision has entered the market.

Ark Vision offers the right product for challenging off-highway applications. Its ArkCam Smart AI combines robust, ruggedized hardware and housing with a high-performance embedded processing core. The connectivity to CAN and Ethernet networks makes it the ideal smart optical sensor for various applications in off-highway vehicles, such as perimeter monitoring with obstacle and/or person detection to prevent accidents, and process monitoring like edge detection (construction machines) or plant row detection (agricultural) for steering tasks.

The image processing technology in the camera is based on machine learning and computer vision (CV) image processing. Trained neural network models are deployed on the camera, enabling it to work as an independent edge device with artificial intelligence (AI). Complex detection tasks are possible without the need for additional ECU devices or online cloud services.

Key features of the camera are the high-resolution, wide-dynamic-range image sensor and the quad-core embedded processor with dedicated hardware blocks to accelerate neural network calculations. These high-performance hardware electronics meet the required EMC immunity and emission standards over an extended temperature range. The camera is protected by a robust enclosure made to survive high mechanical shocks and vibrations, with a waterproof rating up to IP69K. The camera can be easily integrated into existing machine topologies either by Ethernet or CAN network.

Ark Vision camera technology makes complex process operations more efficient, avoids machine damage and increases safety around the vehicle.

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