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Powerful measurement platform

b-plus’s BRICK family is complemented by the BRICK25 and its PCIe GPU add-on, enabling the handling of AI-accelerated recordings and processing of high-bandwidth data inside the vehicle. With the new BRICK25 PCIe GPU, the company has set a new benchmark for massive computing and graphics performance inside the vehicle.

With 3584 CUDA cores and third-generation tensor units, it delivers unprecedented AI computing power for driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) applications. Despite its high performance, the BRICK25 maintains a compact form factor for easy installation in test setups.

Furthermore, the BRICK25 can synchronize data from multiple sensors with different network time protocols, allowing for precise correlation of data on the same time base. The modular BRICK2 series allows very flexible adaptation and integration in sensor and ECU development, as well as validation systems. With multiple add-on options and other accessories, it is an investment-proof system that can be reliably used and reused throughout the test drive.

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