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The multifunction armrest that gives both comfort and flexibility

Ideal for wide-ranging applications in harsh environments, Frei’s BRAVA multifunction armrest guarantees a high level of flexibility in industrial trucks, agricultural and construction machinery as well as in numerous industrial applications. It comprises an arm support and control unit, which can be selected and configured to suit the application.

The armrest can be equipped with three different control units: the ACTRA MONO 300, ACTRA MONO 400 and the ACTRA JOY.
The newly developed ACTRA JOY control unit ensures maximum flexibility. It can be equipped with two joysticks, a travel direction switch and up to three auxiliary buttons.

The ACTRA MONO 300 and ACTRA MONO 400 can be equipped with a maximum of four single-axis joysticks. The 300 model has three standard thumb controls; the 400 has two standard thumb controls plus a thumb joystick.

The high degree of functionality, excellent ergonomics and sensitive control ensure precise, fatigue-free work. The control units allow all a vehicle’s functions to be controlled with the right hand. They are shaped to allow the hand to rest comfortably. Due to sensitive control and ergonomic layout, all the controls can be operated with a natural finger movement.

The use of non-contacting Hall-effect sensors guarantees a long service life. The controls remain very reliable, even under extreme loading conditions. Due to their encapsulated electronics and laser-etched symbols, the controls are ideal for use in harsh environments.

The shape of the armrest was designed to correspond to the natural, and thus comfortable, angle of the operator’s arm. The padded contact surface is made of hard-wearing material and is easy to clean. The armrest can be adjusted horizontally. Pulling up the clearly visible handle on the armrest with the right hand allows the armrest to be set to six positions and thus optimally adjusted to suit the operator. A panel in front of the arm support can be machined and equipped with additional control elements.

Height adjustment unit
The height adjustment unit is bolted to the vehicle’s seat. A pushbutton allows the height adjustment to be unlocked and has stepless adjustment to set the desired height. An integrated gas strut enables the armrest to be adjusted with a minimum of effort.

Stand: 4032

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