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Tactile display keyboard with multiple uses

With the new GS-Multiline series, Graf-Syteco is launching a family of devices with a combination of keypad and display. Engineered in Germany, the keypad was developed and designed specifically for use in mobile commercial vehicles and work machines. The GS-Multiline combines different symbols, functions and operating modes on a single device. Various operating modes can be controlled via an interface. Depending on the application and use, key combinations and symbols are freely selectable and can be assigned to different levels.

The key that controls each function can be individually selected with GS-Multiline. Depending on the application and machine, the keys can be assigned to the respective functions and also placed on different levels. These can be added or switched off according to requirements and different machine statuses. This means that only one device is required for a machine or vehicle to control all functions.

As with all Graf-Syteco products, this device has an extremely high-quality display in use. Thus, regardless of the time of day, light level and weather conditions, all displays can be read from different perspectives without any problems. The GS-Multiline can also be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

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