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Power distribution unit for hybrid and fully electric machinery

The HSG – Hybrid System Gateway was developed by Flodraulic Group based on the company’s experience of implementing electrification projects in North America and Europe and taking into account the needs and the wishes of customers.

The result is an innovative central subsystem interface for controlling all drive, control and cooling components of high-voltage electrified mobile machines, which the company claims to be unique on the market.

It enables simple connection of high-voltage components like inverters, batteries and supercapacitors, ensures safe energy and power management, handles different control functions and generates a simplified ECU CAN interface.

The modes and system architecture include single or tandem mode, master or slave, multi-HV level with separated DC link and pre-charging.

The HSG measures 500 x 350 x 250mm and offers maximum 300kW/1,000V DC input. It is extremely reliable, modularly expandable and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

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