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Futureproofing construction and off-highway machinery

TTControl’s TTC 2000 series of ECUs are designed to be scalable, flexible and reliable. The series consists of complete sets of compatible ECU families. They all have different sizes and processing power but use the same modular building blocks, making them easily compatible. This ensures that the right amount of processing power is available for each mobile machine application. If changes are necessary, one ECU can be replaced or extended by another with only minor adaptations. Not only does this significantly reduce time-to-market and maintenance for vehicle manufacturers but it also enables them to futureproof their machines.

The two available members of the TTC 2000 series are the TTC 2030 family and the TTC 2300 family. The TTC 2030 variants are equipped with up to 32 I/Os, which are highly configurable for different types of sensors and actuators, making this family ideal for compact applications.

The larger TTC 2300 family is designed to meet the needs of highly automated and smart off-highway machinery. With high processing power, high-speed connectivity and large memory, this robust ECU is the ideal choice for advanced electronic architectures.

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