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Easier spare parts ordering
CADshare - Stand 2093

Fully maintenance-free off-highway vehicles are, at the moment, still a dream, and ordering spare parts can often be an ordeal. Visit CADshare’s stand to find out how the company can make finding and ordering the right parts much easier for your customers, thus improving their experience and building brand loyalty. The startup’s solution is a cloud-based platform that offers a user-friendly inventory of spare parts with 3D CAD drawings, removing the need to hunt for part numbers in cumbersome – and possibly outdated – catalogs. The platform is already being used by OEMs such as Multihog and NC Engineering.

To reduce the friction in the part-ordering process even further, CADshare is launching a number of tools to grow customers’ basket sizes. One such feature is the introduction of ‘kits’. Based on already selected parts, the software will suggest other components that may be needed to complete a certain maintenance procedure.

Stand: 2093

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