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he bi-directional information display with touch option for industrial vehicles

At IVT Expo, Lumineq will showcase a new bi-directional information display with touch option for industrial vehicles. The emissive transparent display (over 70% transparency) can be laminated in glass, which allows manufacturers to utilize all the windshields and windows without using a projection system. This in-glass display with touch option allows industrial vehicle manufacturers to improve the safety, ergonomics and user experience of the vehicles.

The display can:

• Show vital information to the operator in their line of sight as a head-up display when they are driving and need to keep their head up
• Present relevant data to the operator when they are outside the vehicle, to the pedestrians around the vehicle or to the operator of another vehicle
• Control certain functionalities of the vehicle directly from the vehicle window through in-glass touch display

HUD – toward the driver

Dashboards in industrial vehicles play an important role in ensuring safe and smooth operation by providing relevant data such as speed, RPM, oil level, warnings, etc. But as more and more data is presented on multiple screens in vehicles, critical information and warnings can sometimes get lost and become difficult to see. Moreover, glancing between the dashboard and road can be dangerous, especially in situations where the operators need to focus and keep their heads up.

That’s why head-up displays (HUDs) have become popular in the automotive industry in recent years. However, the projected HUD is hardly suitable for industrial vehicles due to its limitations:

• It needs complicated setups that occupy interior space
• It has limited sweet spots
• The projector shakes when the vehicle shakes, resulting in unclear images
• It doesn’t work for vertical windows and windshields

In-glass display is an alternative solution and has the following advantages:

• The setup is simple and works for vertical windshields since it is integrated inside the windshields
• The images are viewable from all angles
• No special windshields are required
• There is no polarizer – the display works with any sunglasses

As the transparent display has a 360° viewing angle from any direction, it can be used to display messages to people outside the vehicle.

When the in-glass displays have integrated touch function available, vehicle windows can provide functions that otherwise need a physical panel, such as dimming the window or unlocking a shared vehicle.

Stand: IVT27

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