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Dual-motor CVT concept
NAF Neunkirchener - Stand 2025

Attendees in search of innovative drive concepts should visit NAF, which will be presenting its new CVT solution that combines two hydraulic motors for excellent precision and high tractive power at low speed; and reduced fuel consumption at high driving speeds. The DualSync system is already used in forestry applications up to 200kW, but it is suitable for many other machines as well.

The DualSync hydrostatic CVT is driven by two motors. One motor reaches its maximum RPM at 30% of the maximum vehicle speed and is then deactivated and disconnected from the drivetrain by a synchronizer, while the other motor drives the vehicle up to its top speed.

The company claims that the advantages of this concept include fuel savings, reliability and improved machine control compared with torque converter systems. What’s more, the system ensures that the diesel engine is mainly driven in its most efficient speed range. Finally, with no stepped gear changes, the system ensures a smooth drive with no interruptions.

Stand: 2025

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