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An advanced ECU solution for every application

At this year’s IVT Expo, TTControl will exhibit its latest products that support OEMs in preparing for automation and connectivity of their machines while reducing time-to-market.

The recently launched TTC 2300 ECU family is an addition to the popular TTC 500 family. Infineon’s high-performance CPU, the second-generation Aurix TriCore, provides the right computing power and makes mobile machines ready for future automation and assistance systems. The safety-certified PXROS real-time operating system enables full use of the Aurix multicore architecture. This ensures freedom from interference and allows it to run safety-critical and non-safety-critical code on the same CPU. This helps reduce development effort and time-to-market. The safety-certified TTC 2300 provides a high level of robustness and responsiveness and will have its first live presentation at IVT Expo.

The TTConnect Cloud Service IoT connectivity solution and the TTConnect Wave ruggedized gateway enable manufacturers and fleet owners to connect and manage vehicles and entire fleet pools. The associated fully customizable web portal provides intuitive access to the cloud and increases productivity and efficiency.

The Vision 3 display is designed for use in complex vehicle architectures. Its high-performance electronics enable operators to handle complex machinery tasks and provide maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Stand: 2060

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