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Scalable batteries
EAS Batteries GmbH - Stand 4035

Industrial Vehicle Technology Expo will feature a new battery module concept by EAS. The German company bases its battery cells on a stainless-steel construction, which avoids corrosion and provides shock resistance. In addition, the large cell sizes reduce the number of interconnections and therefore reduce the reliance on battery management system electronics. Simple screw connections ease operational use and provide low resistance interfaces; very high maximum pulse discharge rates enable exceptional peak demands to be met.

The new concept that EAS is currently developing is a new standardised, non-rack-based, high-power battery module with a nominal voltage of 38.4V (42V max.). Twenty-four modules in series result in 1,000V; 36 modules in series result in 1,500V fully charged. The modules can completely replace typical rack-based systems and enable a fully flexible setup when it comes to connectivity options and optimal use of the available space. The layout of the battery is flexible, dimensions and voltage are customisable, and parallel and series interconnections are freely selectable. The water-cooling system ensures thermal management. The battery system will also meet all required certifications.

The modules can each store 3kWh and manage a continuous discharge of 15kW (60kW peak discharge). Combined with a weight of under 50kg, they allow for high performance while not wasting space.

Stand: 4035

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