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Finger-operated joystick with active feedback
Gebrüder Frei

Industrial truck operators face increasing requirements and higher risk of accidents. It's crucial to support them effectively, and active feedback through the main control element is the top choice. Gebrüder Frei's latest innovation, the MONO VIBRO, is a finger-operated joystick with customizable haptic feedback. The vibration can be adjusted in terms of timing, intensity and duration, providing a warning in emergencies or aiding in vehicle control.

Studies have shown that haptic feedback can increase driving performance and reduce visual requirements. This is because the feedback is given directly to the fingers, allowing operators to process the information without diverting their attention from the task at hand. The MONO VIBRO is the smallest haptic-feedback device in its class and an effective solution for industrial truck operators to improve their performance and safety. By providing a tangible and immediate response to the operator's actions, haptic feedback can help prevent accidents, making it a valuable tool for any industrial workplace. With its customizable settings and compact design, the MONO VIBRO is a top-of-the-line solution for companies looking to enhance the safety and productivity of their industrial truck operations.

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