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The CAN controller making legacy systems intelligent
MRS Electronic

A world innovation: the MicroPlex, patented throughout Europe, is the smallest CAN control system with the highest integration level. The base system of two Micro 280 relays and a drag-and-drop configuration tool can be used to easily build your own CANbus-capable power distribution systems. The MicroPlex can very quickly and easily generate an intelligent system with CANbus communication from previously simple ISO 280 boxes, in which mostly only fuses and common relays are integrated. The CANbus interface makes it possible to develop existing systems intelligently and with subsequent diagnostics capability. The MicroPlex can also be used as a single controller in a self-developed single socket.

• Four PWM-capable high-side driver outputs (can also be configured as analog or digital inputs)
• Three analog or digital inputs that can be configured as frequency input or for negative encoder signals (pull-up resistance) or as power input (0-20mA) per software
• CAN interface as per ISO 11898-5
• CAN wake-up function: incoming CAN messages wake up the module from standby mode
• Compact ISO 280 casing

Application options
• Light/lighting control
• Valve control
• Sensor evaluation
• Motor control

MRS will also show the compact CC16WP controller, now also available with ISOBUS functionality. The powerful CC16WP with its 32-bit processor is now compatible with different ISOBUS stacks and certified by AEF according to ISO 11783-2. It can be connected to the ISOBUS as an ECU (electronic control unit) and thus communicate with other linked components such as terminals or implements. In compliance with protection class IP6K8, the compact control unit can be used for a wide range of applications, even in extreme environmental conditions in the agricultural sector, and does not require a protected control cabinet. The CC16WP is suitable, among other things, for hydraulic applications and controls the speed and direction of movement of hydraulic cylinders and motors by controlling directional control and pressure relief valves or flow control valves. In addition, applications such as the processing of sensor data, the control of machine lighting and the control of DC motors can be realized. All in all, the CC16WP offers maximum application flexibility in the smallest installation spaces to implement applications cost-effectively and efficiently.

Highlights CC16WP
• ISOBUS communication
• J1939 communication

Application options
• Motor control
• Lighting control
• Comfort control e.g. driver’s seat
• Valve control
• Sensor processing

Finally, MRS will show its latest 32-bit Micro Gateway, a compact gateway for automotive applications. The core piece – the 32-bit processor – provides higher performance and thus secure routing and gateway functionality at high bus loads.
Thanks to the reduced housing size, the gateway can be used in standard relay boxes with a height of 40mm. The two I/Os are now also PWM capable. Larger and more complex programs and applications can be implemented by increasing the flash memory to 2MB.

The RAM has also been increased from 12KB to 256KB. This gives even more memory to temporarily store the higher amount of data.

The Micro Gateway is available in the following variants: 2 x CANbus + 2 x LIN or 2 x I/Os.

The CAN/LIN version offers the possibility to integrate 12V LIN sensors, for example for the operation of a 12V rain sensor in a truck. This function is only available in a separate version. The module is also CAN FD capable.

The new Micro Gateway – the second generation of the MRS 32-bit – can be used as a central contact point for all control units in automotive applications. Using the Applics Studio software tool, operators can program the functions quickly and easily.

Stand: 5035

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