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Next-generation electric actuators for low- or zero-emission vehicles

Designed specifically for use in mobile applications, from agricultural and construction machinery to aerial work platforms, the new CASM series actuators combine exceptional power density with high levels of energy efficiency, position and motion control and repeatability. The first products will be released later this year and will include actuators with 3 tons and 15 tons lifting capacities up to 17kW peak power.

The new actuators have been developed to help OEMs transition from traditional hydraulic power to electrically controlled motion systems. In particular, they will offer a reliable and efficient alternative that is clean, simple to install and use, with a much lower total cost of ownership. They can even offer regenerative braking when the actuator is being driven under load. To achieve all the functions of a hydraulic cylinder, the CASM actuator can be equipped with safety features such as a descent speed limiter, backup nut and electromechanical motor brake with manual release.

This new product generation has been developed from Ewellix’s proven CASM series of electric actuators and shares the same robust, modular construction. The new actuators add a more compact design, a wider range of end attachments and an even higher-efficiency motor package, with IP ratings that meet the needs of tough off-road environments.

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