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Powerful software framework for real-time applications

Software and artificial intelligence are changing the world of automated vehicles and shaping the future of autonomy. However, several challenges need to be addressed, such as managing software complexity, implementation in production vehicles, functional safety, new sensor technologies, and high-performance data exchange and processing. Years of experience in the automotive industry have shown dSpace that model-based design and consistent frameworks like RTMaps can significantly reduce costs during software development, validation and deployment in production.

RTMaps is a powerful software framework that offers a seamless path from prototyping to production for real-time applications. Its easy-to-use graphical user interface simplifies software development by allowing developers to drag and drop components to build advanced applications quickly. The RTMaps runtime engine is ISO 26262-certified, providing unmatched safety and reliability for safety-critical applications and automated vehicles. The framework supports over 600 sensors and I/O components, including lidar, radar, GPS and cameras, making it a versatile and customizable solution for a wide range of applications from datalogging, data processing and visualization to software development, testing and validation. With RTMaps, developers can easily integrate and process data from multiple sources and build applications that are not only powerful and flexible but also meet high safety standards.

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