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Robust lighting
J.W. Speaker Corporation - Stand 4060

Visitors in search of lighting technology that can withstand the harsh environments that industrial vehicles tend to operate in, should visit J.W. Speaker Corporation’s stand at iVT Expo. Among the company’s new products are two new lighting solutions specifically for the snow plough market.

The 9900 LP is a compact, high-powered LED headlight that is ideal for small to medium-size snow ploughs. Low and high beam, front position light, turn signal and DRL are all contained in one ECE-compliant headlight. Designed with a sloped lens to deflect snow and ice build-up, and featuring J.W. Speaker’s SmartHeat technology, the 9900 LP is ready for the most severe winter conditions. At just under 90mm tall, it nevertheless ensures a clear line of sight for drivers compared with conventional snow plough lights.

The Model 710 is a compact warehouse work light with a flush-mount design that allows for mounting flexibility. It has a 45° horizontal spread and is equipped with three illumination settings that are controlled by the operator: driving beam, high beam and full spread.

J.W. Speaker will also introduce a safety and warning projector lamp, which increases the conspicuousness of equipment with a multicolour image that flashes portions of a warning image. This multi-voltage lamp is UL and CE compliant and can be used on a wide variety of machinery. The lamp is impact and corrosion resistant and was designed with a durable polycarbonate lens and military-grade die-cast aluminium housing.

Stand: 4060

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