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New control grip
Caldaro - Stand 2010

At Industrial Vehicle Technology Expo, Caldaro will present the latest version of its Viper joystick grip – the XT. The Viper joystick is designed to be ergonomic, allowing for variable grip positions and preventing stress on the wrist. Steering is performed with a thumbstick, while other buttons can be customized for the specific application.

The XT offers up to three analog controls, of which two can be used simultaneously. This new version was a response to a request from a major manufacturer of construction machines. The manufacturer asked for steering control to be integrated into the handle, which was solved with a proportional lever on the front of the device. The steering lever and the proportional thumb rocker button for controlling the hydraulic attachments can be used simultaneously. This means the operator can let go of the wheel and put their hands on the joysticks to drive the machine, while remaining in control of the attachments.

Stand: 2010

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