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Andreas Ganseforth

Andreas Ganseforth studied Computer Science and Mechatronic Systems Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück. He started his professional career as a Development Engineer at a manufacturer of agricultural implements, where he developed hardware and software in the systems engineering department. In 2010, he started at ANEDO as a Field Application Engineer for technical consulting of implement manufacturers. Later, he was responsible for sales at ANEDO. Since 2020, he has been working as Senior Product Manager for ANEDO and is responsible for the company's product portfolio.


Integrating smart camera AI sensor data in the machine control by using a multi purpose HMI

Digital cameras offer the opportunity of image processing by AI in the camera. The camera generates sensor information additionally to the camera image with Smart camera AI. The ArkVisionUnit digital video monitor is based on the ANEDO display platform. The platform also suits as a HMI device for machine control. Combining the HMI functionality with the video monitor functionality in one device offers flexible, software-only interfaces to use smart camera AI sensor data in the machine control application. A use case prototype will demonstrate the concept and additional opportunities of integrating AI based sensor data into machine control.