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Andre Rolfsmeier

- Studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Paderborn, Germany - 1997 - 1999, at dSPACE GmbH, Germany, in the engineering department focusing on ECU Software Development - 2000, resident engineer at DaimlerChrysler in Auburn Hills, USA - Since 2001, Product Manager at dSPACE GmbH with different responsibilities, including ADAS/AD, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtualization Technologies - Since 2019, Director Strategic Product Management in the business unit Automated Driving & Software Solutions


What matters most when developing software for automated vehicles

Software is transforming the world of automated vehicles and defining the future of autonomy. Increasingly complex perception, fusion, and path planning algorithms for navigation in demanding environments, new sensor technologies, high-performance data exchange in real-time, artificial intelligence, and deployment in series production pose several challenges. This talk focuses on lessons learned from the automotive industry. It explains how you can significantly reduce costs by using a consistent framework for software development, validation, and deployment in production. Case studies illustrate how to you can facilitate your development process and leverage proven solutions to achieve your goals faster.