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Jürgen Müller

32 years of professional experience in consulting, sales and project management of ICT solutions, Software development, consulting, R&D of electronic devices, special machine construction, design, Production of smart cards and operating and control devices, SMT; technical affinity, innovation-driven. 26 years of management experience as managing director of international companies with up to 200 employees, thereof 11 years as shareholder. Strategic and sales-oriented company management, transformation processes, crisis management & sustainable growth, M&A, IPO, start-up, international business business initiation, successful leader, innovative, networked and confident in closing deals. 25 years of additive C-level consulting (innovation, sales, turnaround, leadership and transformation)


Operating and control concept with a bird's eye view function and artificial intelligence.

Graf-Syteco has developed an additional safety function to the operating and control devices. With the BirdView function, the entire environment around a vehicle or machine is controlled from a bird's eye view. Several high-performance cameras are mounted on the outside of the vehicle. They perform a professional job, delivering high-resolution images directly to the control unit in the driver's cab despite strong vibrations. As an extension and additional support for the operator, artificial intelligence is used to detect people and objects in the vicinity of the machine. The display shows the overall image shots and identifies persons or objects.