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Cutting-edge battery and thermal management solutions for extreme heat or cold

At this year’s iVT Expo, Webasto, one of the leading suppliers for the automotive industry, will showcase its range of battery and thermal management solutions such as the stand-alone battery thermal management unit eBTM 2.0.

The eBTM 2.0 ensures the optimal functioning of water-cooled battery packs used in electrical commercial vehicles and guarantees ideal long-term battery cell performance. It not only provides optimal cooling when battery packs are under stress or used in hot weather conditions but also has an additional heating capacity that can be used during extremely cold ambient conditions. The eBTM 2.0 also sets the perfect temperature for battery cells during charging phases. To ensure an optimal temperature at all times, the eBTM 2.0 adjusts the temperature dynamically during the various driving phases. With a variety of different installation positions within a vehicle, an easy plug-and-play installation and it being a scalable solution, the eBTM 2.0 fits into every electrified light commercial vehicle, bus, truck, construction and agricultural vehicle.

In addition to the eBTM 2.0, Webasto will also present its wide range of battery and thermal management solutions, including the standard battery system and the vehicle interface box (VIB). The standard battery system offers clients the price and quality of a mass product as well as the accurate fit of a customized solution. Thanks to its modular, scalable and geometric design as well as its high stability, the standard battery system is suitable for vehicles of all kinds. The vehicle interface box (VIB) complements the battery system perfectly and provides a single interface for communication between the battery system and the vehicle. This allows control of up to ten battery systems within one single system. Furthermore, the VIB ensures an efficient electrical connection between the battery systems and allows connection to auxiliary units.

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