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DAY 1: New technology: the electromechanical brake that outperforms hydraulics

Energy efficiency is a hot topic across the industrial vehicle sector, and iVT exhibitor GreenBrakes is looking to help manufacturers reduce energy consumption with its electromechanical brake systems.

“The benefit of our system is the speed of actuation: it takes 75ms to lockup,” explained Markus Schiffer, the company’s CTO. “The technology we use is a non-linear gear drive and that gives us the advantage of really high speed at the start of the braking event, when braking forces are low. It costs us a little bit of speed when the forces increase, but it makes the brake much faster than hydraulics as braking begins.”

According to Schiffer, this speed of actuation results in a 60m reduction in stopping distance from a speed of 50km/h for a representative vehicle, compared with hydraulic brakes. Furthermore, the system provides a high degree of versatility compared with traditional systems. “We don’t need hydraulic fluids, lines or boosters. One of the biggest advantages is we can use these brakes on EVs without the need for other systems. The system can also work on voltages between 12V and 48V, and a full braking event only consumes around 100W of power.”

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