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DAY 1: See the highly optimized fuel cell air supply systems for all industrial applications

Pankl is displaying its fuel cell air supply (FCAS) systems at iVT Expo, designed to support the next generation of high-performance fuel cells across a range from 30-300kW. The systems incorporate a variety of design innovations such as high-efficiency air foil bearings, ultra-high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and leading-edge inverter technology, all of which contribute to increasing stack power density and netting significant power gains.

“We see at the moment a very strong demand for high-performance boosting in fuel cells. Manufacturers are looking for very efficient solutions for both large and small fuel cell systems, and each application has different requirements,” explained Rodrigo Costa, business development manager at Pankl Turbosystems.

For example, static power generation applications have very different demands to vehicle systems. “There are differences in the aerodynamics if you are running at a single operating point, where you can optimize the compressor for that one point,” continued Costa. “That is different from a truck application where quick response is required from the fuel cell. There are also different demands related to vibration and environment that have to be taken into consideration.

Also on display are Pankl’s electrically assisted turbochargers (EAT), which deliver exceptional power density thanks to refined aerodynamics and electrical design, helping customers achieve the diesel and gasoline powertrain efficiencies required to meet the latest emissions standards. Pankl EAT technology uses advanced aerodynamic matchings to optimize the turbine for lambda 1 rated power.

Meanwhile, the company’s ultra-high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and roller bearing system ensure exceptional transient response to powertrain torque demand. The addition of a wide-range compressor simultaneously improves low-end performance and expands high-end performance. Pankl inverters support advanced boosting and energy recovery strategies concurrently while its electric motor and inverter system designs support the implementation of FCAS and EAT units into a wide range of electric system architectures, from 48V to 800V.

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